Why work at Regis?

The support you need for the career you want.

We know your career is about choice and balance. Whether you want to fast-track your career, or simply want a steady job providing flexible hours and a supportive environment, we can help. As one of Australia’s largest aged care providers, we can find a position which matches your ambitions and your needs.

At Regis, you’ll be part of a unique and supportive culture where each staff member is treated and valued as an individual. You’ll find flexibility, a professional challenge and the support of a great team.

You’ll also find a number of other benefits.

We want to raise the expectations of aged care.

At Regis, our sole focus has always been providing high quality aged care services and we have gained a vast amount of experience and expertise in this area. We offer accommodation and care options to the aged community, ranging from home care support, day therapy centres, retirement villages and independent living units through to specialised residential care including dementia and respite care.

We want to make high quality aged care available to everyone who needs support.
To ensure this is possible, we provide high quality training and support to our people, so they can provide high quality support to the people in our care.
To ensure this happens, we invest in the things that matter and it is always done with a smile.

We invest in our facilities.

Over 7,000 Australians call Regis home. Our facilities are comfortable, well-maintained and are constantly being upgraded to meet or exceed the standards required of contemporary aged care.

We also develop and use unique, innovative programs which allows us to remain at the forefront of what we do and also ensures we maintain the dignity of our residents at all times. Some examples of these programs include:

  • Mosaic – a room identification system unique to Regis which enhances our care and encourages socialisation
  • PIEC&S – a lifestyle program designed to address the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Community and Spiritual needs of the people living here
  • PARO – a unique pet therapy program for people living with special needs and dementia

We invest in our people.

When you join Regis, we want to bring out your best of your skills and abilities so that you can bring your best to the people in our care. Through continual on-the-job training, scholarships and graduate programs we’ll give you what you need to reach your personal goals. You will have access to a array of opportunities to grow, learn and achieve no matter what your job role.

We invest in the industry.

Regis has set new benchmarks in aged care. We do this because we genuinely respect the people we care for and we want them to be able to live their life on their terms.

We set our standards high.

All our facilities are fully accredited and undergo stringent assessments on a regular basis – both from external agencies and through our own internal audit processes. We are guided by our values and our expectations for ourselves. Our values lie at the core of everything we do. We call this The Regis Way.

Optimism: We are enthusiastic about what we do;
Passion: We make a positive difference everyday;
Integrity: We act in a professional and ethical manner at all times;
Respect: We listen, we are polite and treat every person with courtesy.

People Central

To access our People & Culture system, Regis employees can login via this link People Central. With People Central, employees are able to search and apply for jobs as well as update their profile with new skills and qualifications.

The Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 requires non-public sector employees with 100 or more staff to submit a report to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency each year for the preceding 12 month period. Click HERE to see the report Regis Aged Care lodged on July 7 2017.
All employees have the opportunity to comment on the report by emailing
– the Workplace Gender Equality Agency on wgea@wgea.gov.au or
– Regis on marketing@regis.com.au